Vinyl Siding Repair

beautiful-house-1113tm-pic-1535Vinyl siding is an important element in your house. It not only improves your house appeal but also it prevents your house from damage such as damage from insects. Unfortunately vinyl siding is prone to damage and needs repair and maintenance regularly as it is very fragile. It melts when it is exposed to extremely high temperatures and becomes brittle when subjected to cold weather also it is prone to impact damage such as breaking apart and cracking. Vinyl siding repair can be very expensive when most parts are damaged hence it is advisable that when most parts of the vinyl sliding are damaged you replace it. Here are steps of repairing a damaged vinyl siding. 

1. Unlock the Siding

The first step in vinyl siding repair is unlocking the siding to expose the damaged part. This can be done by using a zip tool.

2. Repair starting from the bottom piece

The first place to start from when repairing a damaged vinyl siding is the bottom pieces and progress upwards. This is very important as it helps to avoid cases of forgotten damaged parts.

3. Insert a wooden shim between the pieces

It is common that the zip tool will be sliding along the siding as you repair but you can arrest that by putting a shim between the pieces of siding.

4. Patch the damaged area

After repairing and placing the top siding pieces, patch the vinyl siding so that to protect against any future damage. This can be done using a tin snips and it is important that the patch should be large than the piece you have repaired.

5. Lock the siding 

After you have repaired and placed the patch into place then lock back the siding back into place tightly.

Most vinyl siding repairs are easy and can be done by anyone who has a general knowledge on basic tools and painting but also experts can be called in case of technical repairs.


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