Maintaining Your Gutters

Gutter system maintenance is important to ensure the longevity of the system and to protect your home from water damage. The minimal cost of gutter protection is nothing compared to the cost it would be for damage to the house. Those protectors will also reduce or eliminate how often you need to clean out your gutters and downspouts. It is basically a “win win” situation. Without protection, your gutters build up with natural debris, as well as shingle particles. That can lead to water overflow, foundation seepage, bent gutter runs, and much more.

Basically, gutter guards are the best enhancement you can make. Nevertheless, it is still important to routinely check your entire system. One failing gutter component can lead to damage with other pieces in your system. Here are some smaller components that require regular inspection and/or maintenance. For maintenance information on actual downspouts and gutter sections, click here.

Downspout Extensions

Downspout extensions are important because they allow the draining water from the downspout to flow away from the foundation. Inspect those pieces to ensure that there is no damage or leaks. Oftentimes, they can get stepped on and flattened. They can also get punctured or weakened by a bend. You can also check for blockage created from leaves and other debris. These products usually build up inside during the fall season and into the spring season. Check the screws that hold them to the downspout and make sure that they are secure.

If you are finding that the water is not moving away far enough, you can purchase an actual downspout and a coupler, then cut it to the length you need. You can also purchase sewer drain piping, P.V.C. drain piping, or even splash blocks that will catch the water and run it out further. There are also rollout extender systems that mount to the bottom of the downspout and unroll with water flow pressure. In any case, ensure that the water is flowing out to where it should.

Gutter Spikes and Mounts

Inspect all the gutter spikes to ensure that they are intact. If your gutter system uses clamps; inspect them for straightness, tightness, and stability. Oftentimes, you could find a combination because the spikes were coming out and the clamps were easier to install. In any case, these components are the backbone of support for a gutter system and need to be secure and straight. The straightness usually maintains support strength like the jack stand for your vehicle. Bent ones can weaken the support system and the clamp itself. In some cases, you may be able to bend a clamp back to shape, but it can be costly if you need a bunch of replacements.

If you find several damaged pieces when inspecting your gutter system, it may be time for a new installation. In any case, checking the entire gutter system is important to the overall health of the gutters and the life of the gutter itself, not to mention the home’s health! For more helpful tips, see the blog “Extending the Life of Your Gutters.”


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