Extending the Life of Your Gutters

Gutter systems play an important role in home protection so it is very important to keep up with them and conduct routine maintenance checks. This reduces the need for new gutters and ensures that they are in proper working order, as well as functional. As time goes by, your gutters tend to build up with gunk and natural debris. Gutter guards work great for this particular problem. Nevertheless, gutters tend to warp or bend depending on the load and the material. They can also loosen or even fall off. Here are some typical problems you want to check for with your downspouts and gutter sections. For additional gutter components, see the blog Maintaining Your Gutters.”


Typical downspout problems include:

  • ·         Downspout clogs
  • ·         Loose areas
  • ·         Separation from the siding
  • ·         and even downspouts falling off

You should periodically inspect the downspouts for clogs to ensure optimum performance and drainage. Check for loose pieces because the gutter clamps can sometimes break loose from the siding. In addition, you should inspect the screws to ensure they are intact to help prevent loose or fallen downspout components.

Gutter Sections

The gutter sections are usually pretty long pieces and with that, they can:

  • ·         Bend
  • ·         Warp
  • ·         Loosen
  • ·         Puncture
  • ·         Crack
  • ·         Or even separate from the edge of the roof

Check for bent or warped gutter runs. If you have any of those, they can alter the collection and flow of water. Depending on the severity, they can build up damns of natural elements and roof particles. This will stop or restrict the flow of water. What happens afterwards is the water overflows out of the gutter and lands next to the house. From there, it enters the foundation blocks and makes its way into the basement.

Aside from that, check for cracks or piercings in the gutter pieces. Also look for leaking joints. Those will let water leak out and seep into the foundation. You can purchase gutter patch or sealant material that usually can be applied in cold or warm weather and most can be used under water as well. In some cases, the damage is so bad that it can be difficult to seal up or costly to repair.

If your gutters are looking a little weathered, you can purchase some gutter paint from the local hardware store. It is usually available in white or brown and comes in a spray can for easy use. Just don’t paint your house by accident.

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